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Making blueberry yogurt dance

Was thinking this morning about the value (priceless) of testimonials and recalling that during my recent solo show at the beautiful Galerie Old Chelsea in the Fall of 2022, there was a comment from a local and loyal art lover about one of my works that blew me away and I captured it so that I'd recall it in the future. It was in reference to this piece, Eleutheromania, that subsequently sold as part of the show.

Here was the comment (in the translated language followed by the original quote):

You managed to make the blueberry yogurt dance with the light from my childhood flashlight which revealed, under the blanket, the letters of an alphabet that only belongs to stars and alley cats.
Vous avez réussi à faire danser le yaourt aux bleuets avec la lumière de ma flash light d'enfant qui découvrait, sous la couverture, les lettres d'un alphabet qui n'appartenait qu'aux étoiles et qu'aux chats de gouttière.

Pretty amazing comment eh? Do you have a favourite testimonial you have received? Do you make a point of providing feedback and 'reviewing' local businesses you love? It's powerful and one of the single best ways to support a business without costing a cent.

If you have ever purchased something from me, be it commissioned a work, bought a small original at a show, or even taken home a notebook or art tote bag, I would very much appreciate a review/testimonial! You can email one to me directly at, if you'd like, but even better would be to add one to my Google Business page for all to see!

By the way, I have been confirming all sorts of great shows coming up this Spring and Summer so be sure to check out my 'Upcoming' tab to see all the events and exhibitions - hope to see you soon!

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