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Fearless (or even more so) in 2023 we are in January, another year on our journey in life...Humbling isn't it? Does it ever make you wonder 'what is it all for'? Depending on who reads this, that might seem like a very dark or negative question but to me, it's a siren call. One life; time passing quickly; seizing opportunities; going for it...becoming whomever and whatever I can dream. Do I have days where my confidence wavers? Oh, sure, but time's wasting! I generally just push through it and keep going.

I have decided. My guiding principle this year is to be as fearless as possible. After all, I know, after all the change I have endured in my life, that it all builds experience and adds rich INTEREST to life. TRY and if you don't succeed, you learn. Actually, I would argue you are succeeding in the act of the try!

You see, I finished 2022 by accepting the largest painting commissions yet, and not one, but TWO of them. Commissions are NOT EASY but they are exhilarating. Taking on a commission is risky business IMHO. I would MUCH rather someone fall in love and feel compelled buy an EXISTING work of art. By accepting a commission you are hoping and guessing they they will love it. I haven't had an unhappy commission client yet but there's always a first...

The way I 'do' commissions is as follows. First, I won't accept a commission that is outside of my current style of painting. I have this boundary for a number of reasons but the primary reason is that I guarantee my commissions! I will refund the client if they are unhappy and to be able to do that, I have to feel that I can take the 'rejected' painting and sell it as part of a show or display in a gallery and it will reflect my work and be representative of my best and latest work. Second, I was burned early on and now take a 50% deposit before I start a commission and invest in the material to create the work. I invoice the client so there's a paper trail, and outline the terms as well as agree explicitly to refund should the artwork not be acceptable. BUT I also do not begin a commission until I have had in-depth discovery conversations about format, size, composition and colour, material and if possible, have even seen and measured the space under consideration for where the art will hang. Is it still nerve-wracking? Yes, but when the client sees the work and is ecstatic and happy? That's an AWESOME feeling.

Commission one was completed and delivered on December 30 and the home owner, Lynne, was very happy - phew - and doesn't this triptych "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful", look incredible in this space?

I have now started the second big commission that I hope to finish and deliver later this month. THIS commission will be a large 4-panel series to go in a main hallway of another beautiful home in Rockcliffe Park. I'm so excited to share this one with you too but will keep it under wraps for now!

As plans for 2023 begin to take shape, you can expect to see me in some familiar places - West End Studio Tour in the Fall, for instance, and in the Foyer Gallery (Civic gallery located inside Nepean Sportsplex) but I ALSO have BIG plans that are just starting to come together. A lot to confirm and work out before any BIG announcements however, it's not a secret either by any means. It IS a rather fearless kinda move... If you want to follow along and see what's HERE and Here...and even follow THIS PAGE.

What fearless moves are YOU making this year? Do you have a 'guiding word' this year? If you are an artist, how do YOU handle commissions?

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Pat Purdy
Pat Purdy
Jan 12, 2023

Fearless you are! You rock girl. Okay I admire your skills and art.

Pamela Stewart
Pamela Stewart
Jan 18, 2023
Replying to

Thank you Pat - one life and time's a wastin' ya know? I love your art too and love my Pat Purdy original!

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