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BLACK FRIDAY DEALS all week long!

Now, I will be the first to say I'm NOT a big consumer and don't really participate much in the consumerism of what is now known as Black Friday BUT...I have had a very creative year and I admittedly now have too much INVENTORY. This turns out to be a boon for YOU because all week starting tomorrow November 25, I intent to put at least ONE original work of art and ONE wearable/functional art product on major sale for the day. I will post the deal each day on my Facebook and my Instagram pages, and you will have to buy the item from the shop here on my website! Live in Ottawa? Great, pickup will be at my home in Kanata if at all possible. Want something shipped? I can do that for an additional charge ideally within Canada. Just contact me separately (email to arrange.

So. Stay tuned and have fun - I hope you are able to snag something awesome for yourself or gifts for others and you can feel amazing knowing you are supporting a local artists and we are thrilled. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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