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How Do YOU Experience the World Around You?

Welcome to my art blog, a spot to jot down process, inspiration, and glean insights around my art journey and hey - occasionally maybe discover a surprise discount code or two? Who knows? But most importantly, I think to use this space as a way to connect with you, who have taken time to visit, to appreciate my work and to connect with ME.

So from whence comes my inspiration for my work? In a nutshell, what I paint is generally how I actually perceive the world around me. I'm a bit of an existential thinker and when it comes to the five senses, I am decidedly experiential. When I see a tree, I will generally see the textures and light and shadows of the bark, or revel in the opacity and veining on the leaves. I touch with my eyes as well as my fingers, and I zoom into the details. Hence...the abstract paintings I most love to create will look perhaps to many like a close up of a geode, or flowing water, or a ground-level view of a field of wild grasses. It's also why recently almost all of my works have had as a major component, alcohol inks on synthetic paper. The way these inks move, react to themselves, evaporate inelegantly off the plastic paper and respond to being mixed with other media makes for not only some cool chemistry experiments, but also some incredibly complex and organic shapes and textures. I simply adore working with them.

What are YOUR favourite art materials and why? Do you ever contemplate or evaluate how YOU are perceiving the world around you? When you dive into the water, do you ever notice the undulating ribbons of light around your arms? Or watch the bubbles lifting off your skin and rising up toward the surface?

Thanks for stopping in and reading this far! You rock. Leave a comment and stay tuned for more to come! Thank you as ALWAYS for supporting my art career and journey...

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